Fleet Maintenance

The Transportation Department Mechanical Team is responsible for managing the school district’s buses and white fleet vehicles. Student safety is our first and utmost priority; our mechanics incorporate a preventive maintenance program which consists of fully maintaining each vehicle to manufacturer specifications, as well as meeting or exceeding state and federal inspection requirements. Our standards for vehicle safety and roadworthiness are high and uncompromising. We pride ourselves in providing our students with safe and efficient equipment.

The Transportation Department Mechanical Teams preventive maintenance program includes the following:

  • Daily safety inspection by the driver, every time the bus leaves the bus yard.
  • Defects found as a result of the above inspections will be repaired immediately if safety related; otherwise, defects will be scheduled appropriately.
  • Preventive maintenance inspections are performed on each vehicle by a professional service technician every 4,000 miles or 90 days, whichever comes first
  • Manufacturer recommendations will be followed or exceeded on all scheduled maintenance.

The Mechanical Team consists of 6 employees ranging from supervisory staff to mechanics, which maintain and service 196 vehicles, which include buses or yellow fleet (156) and service or white fleet (40) vehicles. The Mechanical Team is required to maintain District vehicles to federal (DOT) and state (DOE) standards.

Mechanic Team

Richard Arnold
Lead Mechanic

Randy Alexander

Brian Beil

Randall Carlton

Roger Chastain