Bus Conduct

Bus Conduct

The Bus Conduct and Safety Rules are designed to promote safety on the school bus at all times. The safety of all students is our top priority. Therefore, each student is expected to cooperate fully by always obeying the rules.

The authority of the bus driver who is in charge of the bus, will be recognized and supported by all. For everyone’s safety, the bus driver must be heard, be able to hear traffic sounds such as sirens, and be obeyed by students quickly and efficiently.

School bus transportation is a privilege and is not guaranteed for you by law. Transportation is available; however, it can be taken away if students choose to disobey or violate any of the safety and conduct rules. If transportation privileges are denied, the parents or guardians are responsible for getting their children to and from school.


At the Bus Stop:

  1. Be on time. Board and leave the bus only at your regularly assigned stop, unless you have received special permission in advance.
  2. Stay out of the street and away from the road.
  3. Help protect surrounding property while waiting for the bus.
  4. Wait to enter until the bus comes to a full stop, and the door has been opened by the driver. Take your turn and do not push when entering or leaving the bus.

On the Bus:

  1. Always obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  2. Be seated promptly and stay in assigned seat.
  3. Keep all books and materials on your lap or contained in a back pack or sack. No glass containers or live animals will be admitted on bus.
  4. Be courteous and use no profane language.
  5. Speak in low tones.
  6. Never push, shove, scuffle or horseplay; that is always unacceptable and a serious safety hazard.
  7. Keep your head, hair, hands, feet and all belongings inside the bus and to yourself.
  8. Never smoke, it is a serious safety hazard.
  9. Never fight, it is unacceptable and a serious safety hazard.
  10. Never throw objects inside or outside the bus.
  11. Do NOT eat or drink on the bus.
  12. Treat bus seats and equipment with care and respect.
  13. Keep the bus clean and orderly. Deposit trash in the containers at the front of the bus upon leaving.

Leaving the Bus:

  1. Take your turn and do NOT push when leaving the bus.
  2. Once off, clear the area immediately. If crossing the street, wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing in front of the bus. Walk quickly across.

Thank you for doing your part for Safety’s Sake. When you obey the rules:

  • you keep the privilege of riding the bus and
  • it is a safer ride for everyone

When you disobey the rules:

  • you could cause an accident
  • you could be denied the use of the school bus to get to and from school.

Have a safe trip!

Incident Reports

If an incident does occur, it will be handled with a series of conduct behavior reports ranging from major to minor behavior violations.